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Full Synopsis, Teaser Art for James Wan's House of Horror

STYD: Saw and Insidious director James Wan is getting ready to produce House of Horror, based on a script he co-wrote with Max La Bella. He's tapped Spanish filmmaker Javier Gutierrez to direct and we've got your first look at some early sales art along with a synopsis! Check it out below.

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'Saw' Creator Has 8 More Horror Movies Lined Up

In a press release sent out by the studio, Icon Entertainment International revealed they have signed an eight picture deal with writer/director/producer James Wan. This agreement will see Wan producing two movies a year, for the next for years, in collaboration with Icon.

The first of Wan’s eight films will be one entitled House of Horror. This is based on a story written by James Wan himself and Max La Bella wrote the screenplay. Wan won’t be directing, however. Instead, Javier Gutierrez is attached to direct. James Wan will produce along with Lee Clay.

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JL4672d ago

I really liked the original Saw. And I also enjoyed Death Sentence. I'd be more than happy to see more from him.

Soldierone4672d ago

I don't mind more original ideas, but any film maker does this. Some of those 8 are gurenteed to be washed up ideas that are not fully drawn out, so they can be combined together and in the end could be 3 or 4 really good movies.

Horror is the absolute easiest genre in the film industry.

Quagmire4672d ago

Wait...Saw was a horror film?

Leio4672d ago

I wouldnt call it horror just disgusting :/

JL4671d ago

It was more a new blend of horror. Horror has made many transformations and created many little "subgenres" over the decades.

Soldierone4671d ago

It started a push for what todays "horror" is which is purely gore. It started out as phsycological horror then lead to purely gore.

Just like how slasher wasnt "horror" for a while.

-MD-4671d ago

Let's hope they're as good as Saw 1 was and not how bad Saw 2-7 were.

JL4671d ago

I didn't mind part 3 so much. Two wouldn't have been horrible if it wasn't for Wahlberg. But 3 was decent enough I thought. Not nearly as good as the first though. They never were able to recapture that "magic". Beyond there it all fell downhill.

Also, beyond Saw 1 and 3, Wan had virtually nothing to do with the others (he only served as executive producer on the rest of them). And since 1 was the only one he directed (3 he just wrote the story (not the screenplay), I would be interested in seeing what else he could come up with.

-MD-4671d ago

Saw 3 was ok as was Saw 2 but 4,5,6 and 7 were just BLEH.

7 was horrible in 3D too.

Soldierone4670d ago

Why would you even bother wasting money seeing it in 3D lol. 10 dollar ticket would be enough money spent on it.