First Shot From Looper - Bruce Willis in Rian Johnson's Sci-Fi

Empire Online says:

Very exciting news from Cannes! Not only was Empire the only press to visit the Louisiana set of Looper, the new film from Brick and The Brothers Bloom director Rian Johnson, we have now seen footage from this intelligent and action-packed sci-fi. And as a very special Brucie Bonus, we now bring you a world exclusive in the form of the first ever image to be released from the film we're calling The Brothers Boom.

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Crazay4106d ago

WOW!!! That's a big effin gun but, how is that old man handling it?He's gonna break a hip. He looks so aged in this pic.

Ahh Well - Bruce Willis + Sci Fi movie = Fun. I really wish they'd go back to the Fifth Element.

alycakes4106d ago

He may be old but this kinda story is right up my alley. I like stuff like this. After all in real life if this was to happen...we'd all have to deal with it...young and old. Not just the fit and pretty and buff. I think all of could do what we had to in a pinch.

Crazay4106d ago

I totally agree. I think the premise is awesome but he sure is looking his age eh?

filmmattic4105d ago

The premise does sound fantastic. I really enjoyed Brick and The Brothers Bloom, so my expectations are pretty high for this.

Bruce is old, but he'll always exude proper badass. John McClane does not age.

alycakes4100d ago

Well...they age but people with lots of money just don't show it as soon.