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Shock Gets a 3D Preview of Fright Night 3D

Shock Til You Drop says:

Out of the '80s, many horror-comedies were born. An American Werewolf in London. Evil Dead II. Return of the Living Dead. One you could set proudly alongside those classics: Tom Holland's 1985 film Fright Night. In it, young Charley Brewster must draw on his reserve of vampire knowledge - culled mostly from his high school chum "Evil" Ed and watching horror films - to take on a bloodsucker, Jerry Dandrige, who has moved in next door.

Like most genre pictures from that era, it has been remade for a new generation and on August 19 Fright Night hits theaters introducing a new Brewster, Evil Ed and Dandrige under the direction of Craig Gillespie, who is making a decided tonal turn in his career after helming Lars and the Real Girl. Anton Yelchin leads the cast as Charley (formerly played by William Ragsdale) and Colin Farrell slips into the shoes of the handsome vamp Dandrige (played in Holland's film by Chris Sarandon). Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Imogen Poots and Toni Collette round out the cast as Evil Ed, Amy (Charley's main squeeze) and Charley's mom, respectively.

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Crazay4104d ago

A little of what was said in this article makes me feel a little better but I don't know. I like that Chris Sarandon gets a cameo in the movie and I'm looking forward to seeing the vamped out Jerry Dandrige.

alycakes4101d ago

I loved An American Werewolf in London. I think it was the first werewolf movie were they actually got the changing into a werewolf pretty cool on screen or at least the parts they showed.