Edit Bay Interview: Fright Night's Anton Yelchin

Cinemablend says:

Starring in a remake is hard enough, but it becomes even harder when you’re remaking a bona fide cult classic. This August, when the Craig Gillespie-directed Fright Night hits theaters, critics and fans are going to be endlessly comparing Anton Yelchin’s performance to William Ragsdale’s, the actor who played Charley Brewster in the original. Luckily for Yelchin, he has a few key character changes on his side.

Two weeks back myself and a group of other journalists were given the chance to visit the edit bay for Fright Night and in addition to getting the opportunity to watch four separate scenes from the film (see my reaction HERE), we were also granted time to speak with the star of the show. Check out the interview below in which Anton Yelchin discusses how Charley’s personality has been altered, balancing the comedy and the horror, and his experiences working with Colin Farrell and David Tennant.

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