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The Nine Best Will Ferrell Roles

He’s well known for his “loud” style of comedy, if you aren’t laughing he’ll start shouting the very same joke at you louder and louder until you start to find it funny. At times it can be annoying but eventually the annoyance eventually evolves into being hysterical soon enough. There’re very few times that Ferrell‘s style of acting doesn’t work, and here are nine times where they worked really well.

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artrexler4104d ago

Who is this guy? It's not Favreau and Wilson in Wedding Crashers. Try Vince Vaughn. He's seen Swingers too many times.

I like the list but think Superstar should be on there more than Wedding Crashers. And I hope the line up is in no particular order because The Other Guys should definitely not be at numero uno.

gmanreviews4104d ago

It's in order of my love for the roles.... Yes I know it's "out of the box" for me to put THE OTHER GUYS at #1, but I love it.

alycakes4104d ago

The movie "The Other Guys" was the only movie I liked him in. I'm not a Will Ferrell fan but I even bought that one.