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Edit Bay Visit: Going Behind The Scenes Of Fright Night

Cinema Blend says:

Back in the late 90s, director Gus Van Sant decided that he wanted to remake one of the greatest horror films of all time: Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. Rather than trying to improve upon the original (practically an impossible task) or tell a similar story in a different way, however, however, Van Sant decided to make an almost shot-for-shot duplicate. The film was panned by both critics and audiences alike, complaining about the pointlessness of the project. If there’s nothing that can be added or improved, what’s the point of a remake?

Enter Fright Night. This August, nearly 26 years to the day after the Tom Holland film premiered in 1985, director Craig Gillespie will introduce his take on the cult classic vampire film. But just like most films with a devout following, fans have been up in arms about the project since it was announced in late 2009. A top notch horror/comedy that actually pays strict attention to the established vampire rules, there’s truly no point in making a clone with new actors and characters with cell phones. Fortunately, it seems as though director Craig Gillespie and writer Marti Noxon are fully aware of that fact.

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Crazay4675d ago (Edited 4675d ago )

Confidence isn't totally shot on this one despite some of my dislikes about changes made - some of what I've been reading has been promising. Think I'll watch the original this weekend and I urge anyone else who hasn't seen it to give it a try.

alycakes4675d ago

Just saw the trailer and it's so cool. I'll be watching this one.

alycakes4674d ago

Totally agree...I first saw the kid in this movie on something called The House of D. I like him and of course I like Collin and he hasn't really done a lot lately. This is something different for him too.

Crazay4673d ago

I think COlins rep is perhaps part of the problem. Maybe it's in check now but he it seems that he is kinda pulling off the role that CHris Sarandon did so well.

alycakes4672d ago

I'm just hoping to see him more in the future. He's very good when given half a chance.


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