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Von Trier, Scorsese Confirm Plans to Work on Another 'Obstructions'

Screen Daily says:

In a long rumoured collaboration, it has now been officially confirmed that Martin Scorsese is to join forces with Danish maverick Lars Von Trier on a follow-up to The Five Obstructions (2003), Von Trier’s collaboration with Jorgen Leth.

The co-production between Scorsese’s Sikelia Productions and von Trier’s Zentropa Real ApS, is looking to start production next year.

TrustNordisk will handle sales.

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Crazay4105d ago

I never really liked Taxi Driver - I've seen it but it bored the hell out of me. Maybe it is time to see a remake of this source material?

gmanreviews4104d ago

This just looks like a dream marriage... the eye of Scorsese and the messed up mind of Von Trier will make the ultimate movie geek film that will be hated by the rest of the general public.

Crazay4104d ago

Ya it could be something special that comes out of this union eh?

filmmattic4104d ago

I completely agree gman. In this case, screw the general public. Anytime Scorsese's been challenged to produce great, powerful cinema, he's delivered. Frankly, anytime he's working on a new film project, I'm interested. The combination of him and LVT, at least on paper, is tantalizing to film geeks like myself.

alycakes4103d ago

I do love Scorsese films but I have to agree with Crazay on one things....I never liked Taxi either...sorry guys.