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NBC Adds to Series Orders With 'Awake,' 'Playboy,'; Rejects 'Wonder Woman,' 'A Mann's World,' More

The Hollywood Reporter says:

The network adds to its four pickups on Wednesday, renews "Parenthood" and "Harry's Law."

As NBC's upfront fast approaches, the network continues a buying spree that began Wednesday with four series orders from its sister studio.
Our editor recommends NBC Picks Up 'Smash,' 'Prime Suspect,'.

The Hollywood Reporter will update you with the latest additions; refresh for the latest.

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Crazay4730d ago

The fact that NBC gave a greenlight to something like Playboy the Club is interesting to me considering CBS tried something geared a little more toward Adult programming with Swingtown and failed miserably.

I'm not too surprised about Wonder Woman being axed given the level of backlash it received before it even started shooting. I see this as more of a CW type show anyway - Perhaps The CW will pick it up or retool it to fill the gap left by Smallville,

Soldierone4730d ago

CW will try to go another route. If they pick up Wonder Woman it will be more drama based and it won't be what they wanted with this one. Simply because CW doesn't have as big of a budget for visual effects etc...

Also ABC has that Playboy show too, Girl Next Door or something like that. Its simply the only reason NBC is greenlighting this.

alycakes4730d ago

I hope so...I'd rather see that then the other anyway. David Kelly does good stuff too. He's the one that does Harry's law. I hope he can get someone else to pick up WW on another network.

Soldierone4730d ago

Personally I hope its a cable network. Im looking at TBS, TNT, or FX to pick it up. Would allow it more room to be better quality production.

Crazay4729d ago

I know it's a long shot but it'd be interesting to see what AMC would so with a property like this.

mindedone4729d ago

IDK, the whole idea of wonder woman, when I try to envision it in live action, comes off very campy and displeasing. I still would like to see the pilot episode though.

Crazay4728d ago

So would I. The campy feel probably comes from seeing the old TV show.

mindedone4728d ago

Well, I've never seen the original TV show, but I'm looking at these costumes, and I just don't see it. Maybe if they made a licenced Xena, it would make more sense, or if the split time between where she's from, and the modern world, but idk, I'm having a hard time

alycakes4729d ago

For all our sakes I hope someone picks up Wonder Woman. It would be ashame to loose that one. I do agree it would need to be cable networks so that they would really be able to make it fun.

-MD-4729d ago

I'm hoping for the opposite. If they passed on the pilot it's probably terrible.

Do not want.

Crazay4728d ago (Edited 4728d ago )

Ya but you're kinda a negative nelly these days anyway. It may not be all that bad. I'd at least like to have the opportunity to see it before I pass judgment.

-MD-4728d ago (Edited 4728d ago )

I'm a negative nelly? What? Sorry for being a dude that isn't interested in a Wonder Woman tv show lol.

What an odd thing to say from somebody that doesn't know me.

Crazay4728d ago

Not so good at taking a joke eh? Clearly I'll just avoid having fun with you in the future.


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