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TMP Reviews Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

TMP writes:
A must see for anyone who enjoyed the first three Pirates films and for anyone interested in what Rob Marshall brings to the table after the departure of Verbinski. Depp, Rush, McNally, McShane, and all their cohorts breathe excitement, energy, intrigue, and action into every frame.

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darklordzor4730d ago

Cannot wait to see this one. Already getting my babysitter set for that day so I can see it early. Actually...I'm on vacation next week. I could actually see the midnight show!

alycakes4730d ago

I'm always on vacation...but no midnight shows for me. I'll be there at the first available the next day.

darklordzor4730d ago


I say I could go to a midnight showing, but these days I seriously wonder if I'd be able to make it! I go to bed pretty damn early anymore. Oh well, would be worth a try.

alycakes4730d ago

Hey....if you're off the next day...go for it. I'm just saying..I'd rather go when not many people will be there. The midnight show is usually pretty full when Jack Sparrow shows up.

darklordzor4730d ago

Oh I agree, I love watching a film when it's pretty empty. However, there is something fun in going to the midnight showings with everyone else. Not, sure haven't decided yet. I'm leaning towards it though.

Soldierone4730d ago

Its fun if the crowd is alive. I like when people cheer or get scared etc...or when everyone is laughing. Then they all clap at the end.

Otherwise yeah I like waiting out the storm and going during the week or later and just seeing it with few people there. However with pirates that takes forever...

Remember to drink caffeine or something for midnight too...nothing sucks more than being tired watching a movie.

CMDobson4730d ago

Sweet! Can't wait to see it!

alycakes4727d ago

I like people to be in the theater....I just don't like it when there's a lot of screaming younger kids and I can't hear. I guess it really doens't matter. I always go back and see it 2 or 3 times anyway.....what am I complaining about.


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