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AV Club: Bridesmaids Review

AV Club: There’s a degree of calculation at work in Bridesmaids, which shrewdly provides both a feminine answer to the wedding-themed buddy raunch of The Hangover and a rebuke to critics of producer Judd Apatow, who’s consistently (and fairly) dogged for his portrayal—and non-portrayal—of women. It’s also a frequently ungainly attempt to wed big, outrageous comic setpieces, mostly involving intense awkwardness and public embarrassment, with a subtler treatment of friendship and early midlife crisis. With all these elements at play, it’s no surprise that Bridemaids sputters, coughs, and lurches, but it’s a winning shambles, buoyed by a sharp, balanced comedic ensemble and some truthful observations about how close friends adapt when their lives fall out of step.

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