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Ashton Kutcher is the New Two and a Half Men Star

Ashton Kutcher is joining Two and a Half Men, replacing the fired Charlie Sheen in the hit series.

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-MD-4105d ago


I feel so bad for you fans of the show though honestly.

Arcee4105d ago

Well, my wife finally got her wish. A reason for me NOT to watch this show anymore...

Quagmire4105d ago

I didnt watch Two and a Half men before.

This somehow makes it even worse for me.

acronkyoung4105d ago

Oh god, just cancel that piece of trash.

alycakes4104d ago

I did watch the show...I'm a big fan but Ashton has never been one of my type of people. I know....all the women go gaga over him but I've never liked him. I didn't like him in the 70's show and I don't like his romantic comedies....there's just something about him that bugs me. I really don't think his humor comes naturally. With some people, it just flows out of them.

I'm really, really disappointed if this goes thru.

Soldierone4104d ago

He was great in the early shows. It wasn't till in the later episodes when him and (Erik) started getting ego's that it turned around. Then it seemed like he was forcing it more and acting to be stupid.

frelyler4104d ago

And that show will be cancelled in a year. Worst decision ever. Charlie Sheen fans I can guarantee you do not like Mr. only talented enough for Nikon commercials who likes to bag grandmothers. Seriously, well if he plays a douche bag he'll be perfect for the part.

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The story is too old to be commented.