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Iron Sky Gets a New Teaser and a Release Date -

GeekActually writes:
About a year ago at the SupaNova Expo in Sydney we got the chance to meet the makers of the new independent sci-fi film “Iron Sky”. The first teaser was fresh in everyone’s mind and these guys were just great and so generous with their time. We at Geek Actually have been excited to see this film since we first heard the premise and now this new teaser really highlights the dark comedy of the piece.

For those that haven’t heard about “Iron Sky”, the film is a dark satirical comedy about the Nazi’s leaving Earth in 19545 and taking up residence on the dark side of the moon. After years of plotting their revenge, they are now coming back and invading Earth. When we spoke to the director last year he said the comedy is very dark and satirical, in the vein of Kubrick’s “Dr. Strangelove”. Visually the film is looking very stylized with almost a “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” look about it, which really works for the material.

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