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Iron Sky Gets a New Teaser and a Release Date -

GeekActually writes:
About a year ago at the SupaNova Expo in Sydney we got the chance to meet the makers of the new independent sci-fi film “Iron Sky”. The first teaser was fresh in everyone’s mind and these guys were just great and so generous with their time. We at Geek Actually have been excited to see this film since we first heard the premise and now this new teaser really highlights the dark comedy of the piece.

For those that haven’t heard about “Iron Sky”, the film is a dark satirical comedy about the Nazi’s leaving Earth in 19545 and taking up residence on the dark side of the moon. After years of plotting their revenge, they are now coming back and invading Earth. When we spoke to the director last year he said the comedy is very dark and satirical, in the vein of Kubrick’s “Dr. Strangelove”. Visually the film is looking very stylized with almost a “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” look about it, which really works for the material.

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Hitler Rides A Dinosaur In The 'Iron Sky: The Coming Race' Trailer

The first trailer for Iron Sky: The Coming Race, the sequel to the cult favourite 2012 movie, has Hitler on a dinosaur.

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Iron Sky and Not Bad Movies

Iron Sky is not a bad movie. It is not a so-bad-it’s-good movie. It’s a genuinely good movie.

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socks4066d ago

I saw it with a few friends over some beers. Make no mistake. The movie is genuinely horrible. This author is a fool.

neoragex4066d ago

I can't believe Iron Sky is getting the recognition it deserves. I remember seeing teasers for this years ago with it's low budget, I thought it would never get released and now I've seen on other sites as well as IGN.

You should really see the first two teasers for this. They're epic.

SamPao4066d ago

This movie is epic indeed :) can't wait for another one!

socks4065d ago

I remember the teasers. They were great. And the movie wasnt 5% as awesome.

SamPao4066d ago

This movie is brilliant

I went to the cinema twice because I liked it so much.
Since then I watched it four times, now waiting for my blu-ray to arrive, so I can watch it with my other friends.
One by one.

Yes, this movie is awesome. :)


Iron Sky - A Games Fiends Review

Games Fiends writes, "If you’re looking for a good comedic sci fi parody, you should consider renting Iron Sky. You will be greeted with a parody of Sarah Palin that rivals Tina Fey, as well as amazing riff on the internet famous “Angry Hitler” scene from the movie downfall. While the acting isn’t terrible by any means, the writing is clearly intended to be satirical, outrageous and super over the top, which didn’t sit well with many reviewers. But, if you’ve ever wanted to see a movie where the antagonist dies by the heel of a woman’s shoe, and fascism cured by interracial romance, and if you are into movies that are so bad, they’re hilariously good, then this stupendous, comedic sci fi movie will be right up your alley."

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