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See? 3D is Cool. Gandalf Says So!

Coming Soon says:
No real news here, but when else are you going to see Gandalf (Ian McKellen) in 3D glasses? Here he is on the set of The Hobbit--presumably checking out footage they've shot--in a photo taken by Peter Jackson in Wellington.

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Crazay4679d ago

Told you guys - 3D is AWESOME!

Arcee4678d ago

He totally looks like he is ready to rock out with ZZ Tops in this picture.

Crazay4678d ago

LOL!!! That's hilarious. he really does.

Cat4678d ago

Ha, that's exactly what I thought of!

Defectiv3_Detectiv34678d ago

LMAO, he does look like a dirty hippie in that photo.

darklordzor4678d ago

Very nice! It's just cool to see Gandalf back in costume. I'm getting the tingles, though I'm not exactly excited about seeing it in 3D.

Arcee4677d ago

I know what you mean. When I saw that McKellen would return to reprise the role of Gandalf the Gray I literally jumped up.

Nes_Daze4678d ago

lol awesome, if Gandalf likes it, so do I.

no_more_heroes4677d ago (Edited 4677d ago )

You can see his eyes through the glasses looking at the picture taker. For some reason, that kinda creeps me out.


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