Kristen Wiig Not Katherine Heigl: 5 Women Who Can Carry A Comedy

Cinemablend: Name five, legitimately funny comedies with a female lead (not a co-lead or an ensemble lead mind you), released in the last five years. Ready? Here we go. Easy A, Baby Mama… Mean Girls? No, Mean Girls was 2004. House Bunny? God no, that was terrible. Date Night? Tina Fey was at best the co-lead opposite Steve Carrell. Morning Glory? I'm not sure that was a comedy. Bad news, I can only think of two.

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Sahil3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

Emma stone and Anne Hathaway.. THUMBS UP!!

Look at the way she's looking, DAMN.

Soldierone3619d ago

I agree with Emma Stone, she was fantastic in Easy A. Anne I don't know about. That relies a ton more on the writing than anything else for her style of acting.

acronkyoung3620d ago

I would say Sarah Silverman but I'm not sure the studios would ever give her a chance to carry a blockbuster comedy.

JL3619d ago

Nah. I can't stand that woman. She gets on my nerves in an unbelievable way. That aside, I don't think she has the chops to lead a movie.

darklordzor3619d ago

Totally agree. I never got her appeal. She's fairly funny, and decent looking to boot, but on the whole, she annoys me to no end.

Soldierone3619d ago

The thing is...I dont even find her funny. I watched her show and so on and none of it was funny. The only thing of hers that made me laugh was the "Im Fcking whoever" video.

JL3619d ago

Yea I lean more towards the "don't find her funny at all" too. She has her moments and there have been some times when she made me laugh. But in general, I don't find her funny. I couldn't even watch her show. I did a couple episodes, but it wasn't making me laugh and she was annoying the piss out of I couldn't do it anymore.

alycakes3620d ago

Emma and Anne is a yes but what about Sandra Bullock? That's my favorite in a comedy.

JL3619d ago

I think Sandra Bullock is a bit beyond her prime at this point as far as that's concerned.

darklordzor3619d ago

I don't know, she did a damn fine job in The Blind Side, and think she could still pull it off just fine.

JL3619d ago

Indeed she did a very fine job in The Blind Side. I thoroughly enjoyed that movie and her work in it. But, that wasn't comedy. I just think she's moved more to a serious side now than before. Then again I guess you did see the faintest hints of the old Bullock in Blind Side, so maybe. Guess it would depend on the movie and the writing?

artrexler3620d ago

I completely agree with Emma Stone. She's really coming into her own. I'm a fan.

I'm not a fan of Anne Hathaway or Elizabeth Banks. Just something about them. I don't think either are really good actors. What about Ellen Page!!! Juno, Smart People, Whip It. She's 24 and she looks like she's 14 which means she could do anything. And she's got an awesome sense of humor. Sandra Bullock is no longer the go to girl for funny movies. I think Miss Congeniality was good but then she ruined it by doing the sequel and since she hasn't done really great comedies. I love her and have always loved her but did you see All About Steve?? Bad!!

alycakes3619d ago

The Proposal was the funniest movie of that year even though All About Steve floped. She may be getting older but she's still funny in my book. I also agree with Ellen Page though.

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