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‘South Park’: Royal Pudding (15.03) Review - TVoTV

The Voice Of TV: It was inevitable that this season of ‘South Park‘ would touch on the topic of the ‘Royal Wedding’ that plagued our television screens for days and days and days (need I continue?). The wedding has since come and gone without a hitch but unfortunately for the Prince and Princess of Canada featured in this week’s episode “Royal Pudding” their wedding did not go as smooth – as is tradition. The episode manages a spot on rip on America’s obsession with a wedding that had no significance to us whatsoever as well as connect as back to past characters that we are only treated to once in awhile.

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-MD-4107d ago (Edited 4107d ago )

Wayyyyyyy better than last week's episode.

**sorta spoilers?

***"ice beaner" "polar gook" & "snow monkeys" were all hilarious.

Arcee4106d ago

Definitely. Funny Bot just didn't seem to click the right way. Although I personally love the ending.

But this week's episode was hilarious. I love the Canadian episodes they come out with from time to time... though I did want to just beat the crud outta Mr. Mackey.

-MD-4106d ago

Yeah the school musical subplot was lame I thought.

Megaton4106d ago

Oh! The Royal pudding has been spilled! This is not keeping with tradition at all!

Arcee4106d ago

That announcer was one of the funniest bits in that episode.

Megaton4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

Yeah, definitely. I didn't care much for the school play bits but the wedding and the parts with the giant were funny.

nezbia4105d ago

I would have found it funnier if anyone in Canada actually gave a shit about the wedding.
Plus most of the 'jokes' didn't even make sense. If you're going to rip on Canada,at least rip on things that make sense and are present.
HumanCentipad was better