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The Top 25 Comic Book Movies

Moviefone: We're in the middle of a deluge of comic book movies right now. 'Thor' is the no. 1 movie in the country, with 'Priest,' 'X-Men: First Class,' 'Green Lantern,' 'Captain America' and 'Cowboys and Aliens' all due this summer. (Not to mention 'The Avengers' and 'The Dark Knight Rises,' which are being shot as we speak.) Is this the golden age? It's entirely possible. Before we can decide that, though, we have to rewind and take a look at what came before. After the jump, Moviefone presents our list of the Top 25 Comic Book Movies.

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JL4107d ago

I like Blade and all, but I seriously doubt it for the #1 spot. Especially when you're comparing it to such movies as The Dark Knight, Spider-Man, Sin City, Road to Perdition and A History of Violence (amongst several others on that list). I'm doubting it would even make my top 5 (or maybe even top 10).

Defectiv3_Detectiv34106d ago

It is true though - Blade revitalized the genre after Batman and Robin killed it. It's singlehandedly responsible for this renassaince in comics that we are seeing today. In that way it is a landmark film. You gotta feel bad for Wesley Snipes though. After all careers that comic book films helped jumpstart, his has pretty much fizzled out. They practically wrote him out of the Blade series.

alycakes4106d ago

Well considering that my top 5 would be
Dark Knight
Iron Man
Green Lantern

I don't even come close to your list as far as order. I like the list just not the order it's in.

FlashBack4106d ago

this list doesn't "KICK-ASS"!