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Walken & Rourke Join Seven Psychopaths With Colin Farrell and Sam Rockwell

Empire Online says:

Great news for fans of the already-classic In Bruges: writer/director Martin McDonagh is reuniting with Colin Farrell for Seven Psychopaths, which is also set to star Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell and Mickey Rourke.

Not a tale of masterless nutcases protecting a village from a warlord, this is instead about a screenwriter (Farrell), struggling with a script, and, for inspiration, hanging out with his friends Walken and Rockwell, who operate a dog-kidnapping scam. Dark hilarity ensues, especially when the trio snatch a hound belonging to none-too-happy gangster Rourke.

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artrexler4110d ago

Why the F@#$@! are we in Bruges. hahahah! Loved that movie. Dark and hilarious. I can't wait for this movie. I'm a fan of all the actors. And to see Walken on screen again will be fun. I feel like this should be a Guy Ritchie film though with the plot and these actors.