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Dimension Films Teases Potential Fifth 'Scream'

Bloody-Disgusting says:

Released on April 15, Dimension Films' Scream 4, directed by Wes Craven, has pulled in a measly $36 million domestic ($87 worldwide), a far cry from what was expected on just the opening weekend.

I was a fan, it appears many of you were a fan, so it would be a shame to see the buck stop here. Thankfully, Dimension could be pre-selling a fifth film at this week's Cannes market.

"How much do you love @Scream4? How badly do you want #Scream5? Come up with a clever tweet and we'll RT!" exclaimed the official Dimension Films Twitter.

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Crazay4732d ago

I'm a big Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson fan. Get these 2 back together for another "Stab" at the series and I'll be there for sure.

IcarusOne4731d ago

Did you not realize they already got back together for Scream 4? Best comedy of the year, by the way.

I consider myself a Scream fan, which is why I disagree with author. Let this franchise die while it's name still retains some semblance of respect. Don't let it become Saw. Scream used to be better than this. Let it die in peace.

-MD-4732d ago

I haven't seen 4 yet but I'd take another. I mean since they originally planned a 5th and 6th the killer in the 4th couldn't have been revealed right? If that's the case there's gotta be another one.

Crazay4732d ago

Go see it - I just hope that none of the trolls give it away on you now.

-MD-4732d ago

Hopefully not. That'd be a dick move.

Crazay4732d ago

That would be a supreme dick move. I'll try to pay attention to this post and warn you if they do.

alycakes4732d ago

No thanks...I didn't go see 4. Like the rest of them, I'll see them on tv when they just happen to show up there. So please no number 5.

Crazay4732d ago

WHAT?!?! You seriously telling me that you didn't at least like the original? That movie is what made the Horror genre relevant again. It was smart, witty and for the first time in year I was on the edge of my seat watching it.

The Scream series is probably the best Slasher franchise since Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and Hellraiser.

alycakes4731d ago

I did see them, I just didn't pay to see them. I liked the original but sometimes they loose their "WOW" after the first couple of sequels. I think the only one that really kept my interest was Holloween and Friday the 13th. Those didn't seem to get too old to me.

JL4731d ago

I am supremely disappointed that you leave off Halloween when listing the best slasher franchises. None other top that for me.

Kudos to you aly for mentioning it.

Garethvk4732d ago

87 million before DVD sales and pay per view is a huge profit for the film already so they would be silly not to do more. The SAW films were made for about 12-16 Million made around 50 million at the U.S. box office and about 100+ by the time all revenue was added in. No reason they wont make money you just cant expect a horror film to do giant box office but you can expect it to make money.

Crazay4731d ago

well said Gareth - Good horror movies will seldom get critical acclaim not can you expect to see a horror flick make 200 million in box office but it will sell.

Garethvk4731d ago

Thank you. No reason why a Scream 5 on a 20 Million budget wont return at least 85 Million Box office and DVD combined.

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