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( My 10 Favorite Non-Superhero Comic Book Movies

Arcee: So yesterday, I penned an article listing my ten favorite comic book superhero movies of all time... What follows here is a list of my ten favorite non-superhero comic book movies. Some of the movies on this list may surprise some of you as you may have been unaware that they were adapted from a comic book or graphic novel. But that just goes to show you how adult, original and entertaining these books can be. Now on to the list…

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alycakes4524d ago

I haven't seen American Spendor or Ghost World. Aside from that, great choices. I really liked all those as well and some are also very memorable to me.

The Crow for one is a very special story and I hope they do it justice when they remake it.

Arcee4524d ago

So far, all the sequels they have made for The Crow really suck. They all lack that emotion that the first one had. Its a shame too because I love the first film.

But you really should watch Ghost World at least. American Splendor kind of has this 50/50 feel about who it appeals to. But Ghost World has this amazing true to life feel that everyone should watch.

alycakes4523d ago

I'll check it out as soon as I get a chance.


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