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Spoiler for Season Finale of Smallville

"Within are a few spoilers for the season finale of Smallville, including one in particular that gives insight to wether or not Tom Welling will be doning the Superman suit."

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OldSchoolGamer34677d ago

What do I even say? Cool! I'll refrain from writing anything here so I don't ruin it for people that don't want to know the spoilers, but I'm happy and excited to see some of those events and hope one leads to something even bigger.

alycakes4675d ago

Sounds good to me. That's really not giving much away. It's not even close to what I'm picturing but we'll see.

zackacloud4675d ago

i don't understand!!!

superman suit not there but he is superman.

so no suit to make it more acceptable for adults ?????


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