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David Hasselhoff Joins PIRANHA 3DD According to Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed report that David Hasselhoff will join the cast of Piranha 3DD. The Night Rider and Baywatch star may indeed be fish food but at least he is a good sport.

-MD-4673d ago

Does anyone even like Hasselhoff anymore? He brings nothing to the table.

Garethvk4673d ago

I think he is going to be like Jerry in the original and get taken out in a very creative and nasty way. He may need the dough but he is being a good sport.

-MD-4673d ago

Here's to hoping he gets taken out early on.

alycakes4673d ago

Same here...he lost his mojo and status a long time ago.

Garethvk4673d ago

It could be like Dreyfus in the last one and some lifeguard goes out but I am thinking some politician type.

fury434673d ago

Oh no...what is 3DD anyway and what is Hasselhoff doing on it anyway?

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