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First Clip from Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia

Collider says:

What better way could there be to celebrate a Wednesday than by watching a deeply depressing clip from an upcoming movie? And what filmmaker could fuel that mid-week depression better than Lars Von Trier? The eccentric Danish Dogme founder will be making his regular appearance at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival this year with his latest feature Melancholia, and will inevitably cause a media shitstorm of controversy as he does every time he walks the Croisette.

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Crazay4106d ago

Lars Von Trier is a strange man. If anyone here saw Antichrist you can attest to his tone and subject matter. I'm not sold on seeing this as of yet, but since I know it's probably going to have something that makes people crazy with it's subject matter or visions, I'll end up checking it out eventually.

alycakes4106d ago

Yes it does sound depressing doesn't it? Maybe when it hits the dvd stage.