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Top 5 Eighties Sport Movie Montages

In the eighties a soft rock, synthesizer laden musical montage was the way to get the audience invested in the action on-screen.

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blur994105d ago

All 5 were good choices but Caddyshack should have been listed.
Its the best sports movie ever.

JL4105d ago

I don't remember any montages in Caddyshack. Nor can I even remember a place where it would've been suitable.

Megaton4105d ago

Bloodsport is so unintentionally funny. I was re-watching it a couple months ago, packed to the brim with cheese.

alycakes4105d ago

Music inspired would be Rocky and Karate Kid.

filmmattic4105d ago

Coincidence that Sly is twice represented. I think not!

Great #1!

JL4105d ago

Sly gets on my nerves, but undoubtedly if you talk about sports montages you can't leave off Rocky. Just wouldn't be right. That franchise practically invented/defined the sports montage.

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