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'30 Minutes Or Less' Set Visit Interview: Danny McBride And Nick Swardson

Cinemablend: Actors often say that it’s more fun to play the villain, as they can act as malevolent as they want without fear of repercussion or guilt. But there are many types of villains: there are the powerful, ego-maniacal bastards that can easily manipulate and torture and there are the idiots that come up with a dumb idea that might hurt some people, but will also make them rich. Dwayne and Travis, the characters played by Danny McBride and Nick Swardson in 30 Minutes or Less, fall into the latter category.

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mindedone4112d ago

I saw the preview for looked funny, but not 9.50 funny...Ill be sure to catch it on netflix tho

alycakes4112d ago

Me too and I'm in agreement with you on this one.