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Early Teaser Poster for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D

STYD: Nu Image is at the Cannes Film Festival promoting a number of titles including The Expendables 2 and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D. We've got some early sales artwork for the latter which confirms the film's title (early reports said it would be called Leatherface 3D, which is not the case).

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Soldierone4732d ago

Wow now this is taking 3D to levels it didn't need to go to. By no means is 3D at the point of needing re-releases or anything of that nature. Once they perfect the idea and actually make 3D worthwhile, then you can start releasing stuff like this.

fury434732d ago

I agree...this is rediculous. I don't think we even need another Texas Chainsaw movie anyway.

alycakes4731d ago

No more Texas Chainsaw anything. I am so tired of these type of movies. Do they really bring that much money in?


[Spoiler] Texas Chainsaw 3D Explained

best Horror Movies says 'Texas Chainsaw 3D is a sequel that has received a ton of advertising and publicity, and the release has been highly anticipated. At this writing it is not certain what the box office receipts will be, but chances are the first weekend of release will be pretty profitable due to the high level of PR and the inclusion of singer Trey Songz in his first acting role. There are those who would like to watch the film without knowing too much about it, and make up their own minds. '

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Best-Horror-Movies4123d ago

I'm glad this film did well at the box office, it will encourage more horror films to be made!


Texas Chainsaw 3D Review | Leviathyn

Leviathyn | Calling itself, insultingly I think, the “true sequel” to the first movie, Texas Chainsaw 3D wasn’t quite the movie I expected it to be but that ends up being both good and bad. Maybe movie people should do what those young people wish they’d done with Leatherface and just leave him alone in his house with his saw and his family.

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The Daily Rotation - Texas Chainsaw 3D Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Seven years after New Line and Platinum Dunes had their way with the Chainsaw franchise we are now subject to a Liongate attempt, which means a shorter title and added 3D. John Luessenhop‘s Texas Chainsaw 3D sounds like the furthest thing from quality for a series that has really only had one or two good entries, yet underneath the generic first act and the poorly-done CGI in the third act, the film manages to endure and come out on the other end."

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