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Entertainment Focus - Review: Take Me Home Tonight

Matt (Topher Grace – That 70’s Show) is a former MIT student who is now working at Suncoast Video whilst he figures out what he wants to do with his life. Then one day at work, his life-long high school crush Tori Frederking (Teresa Palmer – I Am Number Four) comes in to do some shopping. Pretending to be a successful investment banker, Matt hits it off with Tori and soon gets invited along to a party – one where Matt can finally tell her how much he loves her. But can he keep the charade going for long enough to let Tori really know what a great guy he is? Thankfully he has help in the form of his twin sister Wendy (Anna Faris – Scary Movie) who is deciding whether to move to England or not and Matt’s best friend Barry (Dan Fogler – Fanboys) who has just been fired from his job as a car salesman.

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Supercell - The All Black X-MEN Type of Show We Crave - GEEK GAME TYTE

Supacell, the new Netflix UK six part series by Andrew Onwubolu aka Rapman, is about to redefine the superhero genre. Think of it as the all-Black X-Men show we’ve been craving, packed with action, drama, and superpowers. With an all-star cast featuring Tosin Cole from House Party 2023, Eric Kofi-Abrefa from BMF, and Adelayo Adedayo from “The Responder,” this show will be your radar this June 2024. Here’s everything you need to know about Supacell.

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The Exorcism Movie Review - Fortress of Solitude

Possession films are a dime a dozen with tons of motion pictures about people spewing pea soup when those pesky demons occupy and live rent free in their bodies.

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My Anxiety Personified In "Inside Out 2" - Review | Everyone Gaming

Inside Out 2 has got to be the animation movie of the year for me so far. It had everything I wanted from the original and so much more I never could have anticipated. From the very first opening scene with that nostalgic, wholesome piano keys of the theme sound from the first movie, it was like my soul was transported back into the feelings the first movie brought about while bringing me wholly into the world of the sequel.

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