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FilmMattic Movie Review: Thor

FilmMattic writes: Like Charlie Sheen at a porn convention, I am conflicted by the glut of superhero movies right now. The kid in me never thought the day would come when Marvel characters would invade the big screen. But now that it's happening, and now that I'm an adult, I don't know how to feel. How does one evaluate the efficacy of dudes in costumes wielding fantastical powers? On the surface, these superhero films exist (like any pornstar in Sheen's voracious, party-blazed eyes) as pure eye candy. Thus, the crux of the evaluation process is whether the "fun" factor takes precedence over any "profound" pretension.

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artsaber4112d ago

I was gonna check it out.

fury434112d ago

Yes, it was really good. The story and the action and cinematography and music. It really surprised us how good it was.

Soldierone4112d ago

It has to be the best Marvel film I have seen. Blows Ironman out of the water and then some, but how hard is that?

Arcee4112d ago

Not too hard, but Thor is very good nonetheless. I still hold X2 and Spider-Man 2 as the recent pinnacle of Marvel films.

Soldierone4111d ago

I was debating Spider-man 2 also as Im a huge Spidey nerd, but the Thor movie is just so awesome...

artsaber4112d ago

I was debating whether to take my son to see it. You guys have convinced me that it is worth the look. I plan on checking it out tonight.

Christopher4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

Yes. It was better than I expected and I'm sad to see that it wasn't able to do more than Fast Five. Hiddleston really did a great job as Loki. I liked it more than Iron Man in regards to acting and writing. It's not the best, though, but definitely deserves the recognition for doing so much with such a foreign superhero in regards to the general public.

artsaber4112d ago

I'm glad people involved in making these films aren't junking stuff together in sakes of living off the superhero's name brand and popularity. I hope more Marvel films continue to get better with at LEAST an attempt in being a quality production.

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