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FOX Cancels Breaking In, The Chicago Code, and Human Target

The Voice Of TV: The bad news finally came. FOX has given the axe to three shows, one of which came as a bit of a surprise. The network, who has been busy green-lighting new pilots to series, has decided to cancel new comedy Breaking In, new crime drama The Chicago Code, and sophomore action-er Human Target. All were on the bubble, but the news of Breaking In was a bit of a surprise.

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JL4110d ago

Lie to Me has been cancelled as well? Well that absolutely sucks!

alycakes4110d ago

I agree. Of all the ones cancelled the two I'll miss is Lie to Me and Human Target. The others I can do without.

JL4110d ago

The others I don't care about cause I didn't watch any of them. Lie to Me was the only one I watched. That seriously sucks that they're cancelling it. Tim Roth was awesome in that show.

mindedone4110d ago

Very disappointing...however, I only heard of one other besides Lie to Me, but I watched Lie to me

fury434110d ago

Oh man! I hate that they're cancelling Lie to Me. Why do they go and cancel stuff all the time.

JL4109d ago

Kind of a funny lil story: I was listening to the radio yesterday and a Fox commercial came on. They were advertising American Idol AND Breaking In. Talking about: "...don't miss an all new episode of the new hit series Breaking In". lol

I was just thinking, yea some hit when y'all are already cancelling it lol

Christopher4109d ago

Sad to see Lie to Me go. Human Target's second season was disappointing and I can see why it was cancelled. They shouldn't have tried to change it up so much.

I've enjoyed Breaking In for what it is.

I've also enjoyed Chicago Code for what it is as well, even though it looks like they swapped out writers after the second or third episode to slow it down a bit. But, I also stopped watching the typical cop dramas ages ago, so not really their prime target audience.

Cat4109d ago

Yeah, I had trouble watching the latest season of Human Target. Oh, well.

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