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Star Tours 2 3D Overview at Skewed and Reviewed

Disney has released details on the new version of Star Tours which is set to open at their parks in the next few weeks. The ride has over 54 possible combinations and is in immersive 3D. The ride is also a prequel to the original and is set in the Prequel Universe.

alycakes4585d ago

I'm sure the visitors will get a big kick out of that one.

Garethvk4585d ago

We have E 3 in June but plan to go in July and more in the fall when cooler.

Soldierone4584d ago

I will be at E3 if you are attending it, maybe I will see you :P Second time i have been invited to go.

Arcee4584d ago

Look for me at E3 as well. This is my fourth time going and I am stoked about going once again for my site.

Also, tomorrow I get to go on a cast exclusive early ride of the new Star Tours. I can't wait. The old one was my favorite ride, so I hope this new one does it some justice.

Soldierone4583d ago

Let me know how it is! Im ditching E3 on weds to go ride it :)

Soldierone4584d ago

OMG Please be open in time when I go there! Would love to check it out. Will also be my GF's first time there :) Even better! Based on those dates it will be just in time!

alycakes4584d ago

I am so jealous of you guys right now. It would be so much fun.


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