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First Clip From The Descendants

Comingsoon: Fox Searchlight has released a clip from their upcoming Alexander Payne film The Descendants. The below video debuted at the film's official (and somewhat mysterious) website, released today through the studio's Twitter account, and features George Clooney on a rather panicked run.

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ScreenDemon Review | The Descendants "The cover of The Descendants proudly boasts that the film received ”3 BAFTA Nominations, 5 Oscar Nominations & Winner of Best Adapted Screenplay and the winner of 2 Golden Globes”. So, no pressure then. As with any film that has received such rapturous acclaim from film award bodies, I always edge on the side of caution. After all, while undoubtedly still seen in high regard, lest us not forget that Forrest Gump once beat off Pulp Fiction and The Shawshank Redemption to best film at the 1994 Oscars..."

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The Descendants Blu-ray Review - WGTC

Jeremy of We Got This Covered wrote, "Director Alexander Payne returns to cinema after a 7 year hiatus with The Descendants; a touching drama starring veteran George Clooney and newcomer Shailene Woodley. The Descendants is an effective family drama that isn’t afraid to shed humor on some of the worst situations life hands to us. It’s a sad and depressing film that hangs onto its central characters long enough to find joy and happiness in the simple things in life such as family and close friends. It’s trademark Payne filmmaking and it makes for one of 2011′s best."

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New to Blu-ray March 13, 2012

Movies Hate You Too writes:

Another big week for Blu-ray with several Academy Award nominated films, three 3D movies, and a slew of catalog titles are being released including one of the most controversial films of all time being released via Criterion.

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aDDicteD4209d ago

definitely will purchase blueray of the adventures of tintin. i dont know why this movie got snubbed in the academy for best animated movie? it was clearly the best.