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Shadowlocked - The King's Speech DVD Review

Shadowlocked - As I - and Shadowlocked - come to review The King's Speech for the first time, I am reminded of its acclaim to date. Seven BAFTA awards - including best picture, actor and actress - from a record-breaking 14 nominations; four Academy Awards, again including best picture and actor; and numerous 5/10 star reviews from many of the most prolific and respected critics to date. And all this was achieved on a mere £8 ($15) million budget, a minuscule figure when compared to two of its 'Best Picture competitors, Toy Story 3 ($200 million) and Inception ( $160 million). So, with this in the forefront of my mind, how could I possibly be expected to review this film objectively?

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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Returning to Cinemas

The Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Director's Cut is returning to cinemas ahead of the launch of Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth.


5 Movies That Made People Leave the Theater

The Nerd Stash: “Whether the concept is too graphic, too realistic, or just entirely unacceptable, these movies are just too disturbing to bare.”

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Giancarlo Esposito addresses possible Gustavo Fring Spin-Off

Giancarlo Esposito, the man who is responsible for playing the intimidating and charismatic, Gus Fring on the TV Show Breaking Bad and its spin-off, Better Call Saul, recently expressed his desire for his own spin-off show.