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Schwarzenegger, De Vito Twins reunion?

Hollywood Insider says:

You’ll recall we were the first to report - in January, several weeks before another outlet got wind of the news - that a new Arnold Schwarzenegger-led Justin Lin-directed Terminator was in the works (though, to be fair, we were skeptical). Well that same source tells us today that Terminator Bites the Dust (or whatever they call the thing!) mightn’t be the only other sequel Schwarzenegger has been offered (Though the former’s definitely the more exciting possibility, I will say).

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Crazay3624d ago

DEAR GOD NO!!!! That would be as bad as making Junior 2.

Megaton3623d ago

I doubt it's happening, but reading that title did make me laugh at my desk here.

alycakes3623d ago

Laugh? That would make me get a little sick.

Megaton3623d ago

I was laughing at how absurd the idea of another Twins movie is.

-MD-3623d ago

Cause there's an audience of 'Twins' fans waiting for a sequel right?