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Will Superman Tom Welling Fly to Marvel?

Hollywood Insider says:

A quick one today, and only because I’m on deadline.

Tom Welling is now taking offers.

Firstly, the newly unemployed actor/producer is said to be on Marvel’s radar. Why this is interesting is because Welling has just finished up playing Clark Kent (Superman) on Smallville, based on the popular DC Comics’ - Marvel’s competition - character.

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Crazay4672d ago

I really wish he was cast as the new Superman in Snyders flick.

alycakes4671d ago

Tell me about it...that's what I kept saying to people....if only he could get out of that in time. He would have been perfect.

I'm sure he's going to be great in whatever they offer him. I'm looking forward to seeing him do something different. He become quite the producer too.

Crazay4671d ago

It says he auditioned for Returns but they went with Routh. Not that it was a bad decision but he's more a superman than the Henry Cavill is...At least for now anyway. He may surprise me.

mindedone4671d ago

I think it's a good move on his part, considering he'll probably be typecast anyway

fury434671d ago

For sure he is but he was still under contract. He'll have more offers than he will know what to do with.

Crazay4671d ago

Hopefully not more By The Dozen flicks.

OldSchoolGamer34671d ago

LOL, I think he doesn't want to do more of those either.

jwalkerz4670d ago

they should cast him as the new superman in the new superman movie

Crazay4670d ago

They should but won't since they already got Henry Cavil signed sealed and delivered to don the red cape. I think Shooting is sue to start this summer.

blur994670d ago

I think he might want to do something a bit different than Superman so as to not get type cast as only that character. I just saw him The Fog. It was a weak film but his acting was one bright spot.

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