Men in Black Perfect Time Travel

Daily Mail says:

Bystanders at the Men in Black III set in New York were left gawping in wonderment as they watched Will Smith's Agent J film scenes with Tommy Lee Jones' Agent K today.

The set had been dressed to look like Manhattan in 1969, granted, but while Smith looked his 42 years, 64-year-old Lee Jones appeared to be substantially younger.

But alas, despite having the backing of the behemoth that is Sony, the team behind the three-quel have not perfected the art of time travel, and it was all just a clever bit of casting.

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Crazay3133d ago

Great casting choice with Josh Brolin. He's got the prefect look for the role.

Sahil3133d ago

I wudn't care even if Jeff Bridges was in it, they both look the same to me :)

mindedone3133d ago

I don't think you can call it perfected if it turns you into a zebra.

Megaton3133d ago

Wow, I didn't even know they were making MIB3. Brolin is a really good fit for a younger version of Jones' char.

Crazay3132d ago

Where have you been Megaton? This has been all over the place. =P

alycakes3132d ago

I guess he's been where I've been....I didn't know either. Sounds like a good plot...looking forward to it.

ShAkKa3132d ago

I didn't know they were making a new MIB movie. Cool, I enjoyed the first two.

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