6 Best Natalie Portman Performances

This year, it seems like Natalie Portman has been in movie theaters every week. After receiving an Oscar for her highly acclaimed performance in Black Swan, she has been busy raising her star power in more commercial movies, starring in the romantic comedy No Strings Attached, the stoner comedy Your Highness and just this past weekend, Marvel’s superhero flick Thor. Check out her 6 best performances so far.

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-MD-4518d ago

I'd put Leon at #1 too but I haven't seen a few of her films yet.

"Garden State decidedly converted a lot of people into Natalie Portman undying fans as it is her most luminous performance to this day."

Checking this one out next.

alycakes4518d ago

I guess I'll always be partial to her performance in The Professional when she was just a little girl. That part she played really touched me. Haven't seen Black Swan yet but I will soon.

Megaton4517d ago

Completely agree about The Professional. It's my favorite of her movies.

JL4517d ago

Of course her role/performance in The Professional was absolutely great. You knew she was a force to be reckoned with since then. However, I gotta say, her performance in Black Swan is right up there with it, maybe even passing it for me.

Soldierone4517d ago

I think you are more in love with that movie than I am with Tangled haha!

alycakes4517d ago

Yes, I have the dvd...I guess I have to break down and watch it by myself. I can't get my husband to sit down long enough to watch it with me.

Sahil4517d ago

Natalie Portman in Black swan was sensational but was CUTE, AMAZING and everyhting else in garden state, loved her in it :)

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