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And There We Go – FOX Renews ‘House’ For An Eighth Season

The Voice Of TV: Expenses be damned. FOX has decided that their popular medical drama ‘House‘ has been renewed for an eighth season, making it the longest currently running scripted drama on the network. There was no doubt that the show was successful enough to continue, the concern was more on if the show was financially viable. Apparently it is.

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-MD-4107d ago (Edited 4107d ago )

I got burned out on House for awhile. I watched the season premier but it was House/Cuddy smooching throughout the whole thing. Haven't watched since.

I'm sort of getting the desire back to watch it again. Good news though about an 8th season.

blazsox4107d ago

I've seen only a few clips of random episodes, never seen the show. Always wanted to get into it. Don't know why I didn't, it was on the same night as 24 for a few seasons when that was on air.

-MD-4107d ago

House can be really good at times. If you're into these kinda of shows them go for it. There's a bunch of funny moments sprinkled inbetween all the drama too.

mindedone4107d ago

you may be happy to know they aren't together anymore...but i haven't watched the show in some time.

Megaton4107d ago (Edited 4107d ago )

I broke off from this one as well. I dunno when I stopped. I think as soon as they started looking for replacements. I remember seeing Kal Penn in the last episode I watched. Used to really like this show too.

-MD-4107d ago

Yeah Kal Penn definitely isn't around anymore lol. I think you might be a couple seasons behind.

alycakes4107d ago

That's when it got bad...when House and Cuddy got together. They should have never done that. Now that they've split, the episodes are starting to pick up again. He's starting to be the same old jerk he was before and we all knew and loved.

If there's sexual tension between two people on a show that going to be on for a few years they shouldn't bring them together until the last season. As soon as they do the show just doesn't click anymore.

outwar60104107d ago

i wish someone would renew stargate universe

alycakes4106d ago

Out of all the Stargates that's the one I enjoyed the most and really naturally they had to cancel it.

artsaber4106d ago

I used to watch House, but how many exotic diseases can there be?

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