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How Would Aliens Fare Against Dinosaurs? Barry Sonnenfeld Aims To Find Out

Deadline says:

Barry Sonnenfeld, finishing up his third Men in Black film, has come up with a new spin on the alien film genre. Sonnenfeld is at the center of a publishing/movie deal with Liquid Comics and producer Arnold Rifkin and his Cheyenne Enterprises. Sonnenfeld will team with comic book writer Grant Morrison to develop a graphic novel and movie under the title: Dominion: Dinosaurs Versus Aliens. Morrison, whose comic book work includes Batman and The Invisibles, will write both the graphic novel and the script. Sonnenfeld will direct the film.

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Crazay4681d ago

My money is on the Aliens. Dinos are too dumb. This could be a neat movie but i suspect it won't even get off the ground.

mindedone4681d ago

I guess they don't have large prehistoric or current beasts on their home planet...

Soldierone4680d ago

A dinosaur is easily tricked, even humans could take them down. Unless aliens are stupid, and I doubt it, I would say they are capable of taking down simple animals.

I don't see this movie getting a major release at all.

alycakes4679d ago

Me either...there's no question about it....dinosaurs would not be able to compete against aliens. They's be doggie treats to the aliens.


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