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Alex The Alley Cat Official 2011 HD Trailer Released

The ALEX THE ALLEY CAT Official HD Trailer 2011 is now available on-line on YouTube and Vimeo just in time for it's debut at the Cannes Film Festival May 11th - 21st 2011. Mark Anthony of Hollywood Muse and co-Executive Producer commented today after seeing the Official Trailer, "It's a masterpiece. It really made me laugh at the intrigue and shall we say, avant guarde look about it. It also has girls, touches of mystery, intrigue, horror, it's great!"

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TangMu4106d ago

I love the special fx, music, and overall originality!

Moviesleuth4105d ago

I saw this Alex the Alley Cat HD trailer when it came out on YouTube and liked it a lot. It sure plays better here on FilmWatch. I'm looking forward to it's debut. It looks pretty bizarre with the video-art layered SFX and story about Freud's' Id'- the dark side is somewhat intriguing. The music's great! Who is Shadawmon?