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‘The Event’: One Will Live, One Will Die (1.20) Review - TVoTV

The Voice Of TV: Loyalty is something that cannot be bought, it is something that is to be earned. I like to think of myself as a loyal person. That’s what makes this all the more harder for me to do. To the fine folks who have worked so hard to make ‘The Event‘ be our next science fiction obsession – I am sorry, I can no longer go on. The title name is ironic in my eyes – “One Will Live, One Will Die.” I continue to live to watch out this series, however my faith has now died. The Event is a one way trip down to cancellation land, and I no longer pity it.

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alycakes4106d ago

I think this will be cancelled only because it just couldn't stand up against the Monday night line up shows. The story was good. It was confusing at times but still really interesting but you really had to watch and pay attention every week or you lost track of what was happening.