Fox Options A Satirical Parenting Advice Book, Go The F**k To Sleep

Cinemablend: There's already the mini-genre of movies adapted from actual advice books-- we've already seen He's Just Not That Into You, and coming whether you like it or not is the rom-com take on What To Expect When You're Expecting. Now it's time to get used to an even more specific and bizarre mini-genre within the mini-genre: movies adapted from parody self-help books. So far it's just one, an adaptation of the satirical bedtime book Go The Fuck To Sleep, but you know these things, like deaths, always come in threes.

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Soldierone4115d ago

You know this whole help tools or whatever are only becoming popular because people are making money with how to videos online. I think its kinda sad that these big wigs are stealing idea's from indie people that found a way to make money doing something they like.

This title I like it. However its obvious FOX has different plans for why they want it.