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Will Smith Is The New John Travolta: How Quentin Tarantino Can Make Him Interesting Again

Cinemablend: The comments came fast and literally furious when we reported last Friday that Quentin Tarantino might want Will Smith to star in his new film Django Unchained. "Please…no…" one of you wrote. Another one quoted Smith himself: "Aw, HELL naw!" While not everyone wanted to immediately jump off a bridge at the news, there didn't seen to be a single person thrilled by it, at least not to the degree they were when Christoph Waltz was also rumored for a role last week.

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Defectiv3_Detectiv34588d ago

eh, I'd argue that Travolta has had a better career than Wil Smith ever will.

-MD-4588d ago

Better in which way? The projects that he's chosen throughout the years? I think Smith makes BANK compared to Travolta so in that sense he's had a better career.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34588d ago

Saturday Night Fever, Urban Cowboy, Blowout, Get Shorty, Pulp Fiction. Those films actually matter.

Nes_Daze4588d ago

I like Will Smith's acting more, but Travolta has quite the history.

filmmattic4587d ago

Famous and extremely well-respected screenwriter William Goldman (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, All The Presidents Men, and many others) considers Will Smith the only bona fide American Movie Star working today. Many insiders attach great credibility to Goldman's conclusions.

On the other hand, John Travolta's career had completely gone off the rails (I'm dismissing Look Who's Talking) by the time Tarantino came calling (over a decade of porous work). CLEARY, that is not the case for Will Smith. He has been relevant since 07/08 depending on your opinion of Hancock (huge gross) and Seven Pounds. While his work has not been as "interesting" as Travolta's heyday (Smith tends to revert to similar roles, mostly sci fi) nor garnered the iconic status of the aforementioned dancing, singing extraordinaire, Smith is still an extremely formidable box office draw. That was not the case for Travolta going into Pulp Fiction. Not even close.

At a fundamental level, this comparison is completely unwarranted.

Sahil4587d ago

Hell, I love the idea. Will Smith is awesome. Have you all forgotten Independence Day? He was amazing in Pursuit of Happyness, and provides a fun atmosphere in plenty more. I think if Tarentino can toughen him up in an upcoming role as a badass vengeful slave, sign me up.

alycakes4587d ago

If it has Tarentino's name attached to it...of course. Smith will reap the rewards

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