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Fox Renews Family Guy And The Cleveland Show

Cinemablend: There’s good news for Family Guy and The Cleveland Show. Fox announced today that they’re ordering new seasons for both animated series. More on that and what’s to come for both series’ season finales, including some excellent guest-voices for both shows, ahead.

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Megaton4109d ago

I like American Dad more than both of those.

-MD-4109d ago

I don't. I'd rather watch Family Guy over the other two. I'd probably rank them like this

Family Guy > Cleveland Show > American Dad.

Megaton4109d ago

American Dad > Cleveland Show > Family Guy > MD.


I think Family Guy has been better recently. It really took a dive a couple seasons back, but it's starting to climb its way outta that hole.

-MD-4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )


American Dad feels like a fake Family Guy clone. The Cleveland Show was just a spin-off of Family Guy.

To be honest with you though... I haven't been watching any of them. I've seen a handful of Cleveland Show/ American Dad but probably not even 15 episodes each. Family Guy makes me laugh like once every two episodes when back in the day it'd make me laugh 5-6 times per episode.

Since they're all essentially the same show made by the same people they probably share the good jokes between the 3 shows and that's why they're all mediocre. I would believe it lol.

Also: South Park > All

Megaton4109d ago

I didn't even know they still made American Dad until like a year ago. I'm more of an [adult swim] viewer than a Fox viewer, so when they stopped airing it on [as] I just thought that was it. Started watching it again when I found out, and I really like it.

I've only seen a few eps of Cleveland Show. Have yet to be disappointed.

Family Guy still makes me laugh. Like I said, they're starting to come back. There were some really, really rough seasons a couple years ago, though. I dunno what fight you guys are talking about below. Don't think I've seen that.

luke12345674109d ago

This is terrible news.

Anyone with an idea on what makes an animated comedy funny will have stopped liking Family Guy since about season 6. There is no effort, no resolve and, more worringly, no laughs anymore. I have been a fan since the very start, but even I realise just how s**t it has got.

Seth MacFarlane has well and truly sold his soul. $500,000 an episode to see a 9 minute fight scene of two old guys hardly doing anything, with dramatic music thrown in? What a pathetic insult to a once legendary comedy.

-MD-4109d ago

The fight scene you mentioned was brutal... I've seen the episode like 3 times and sitting through it is torture.

artsaber4108d ago

Who dislikes Family Guy? *** crickets chirping *** I guess so. Oh well, good for those who enjoy it I guess.

alycakes4108d ago

I don't know if I dislike it but I tried to watch it once and didn't really care that much for it. Maybe I was just having a bad day or something.