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Entertainment Focus - Review: The King's Speech

It’s the eve of the Second World War and King George V (Michael Gambon – Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire) has died. The heir to the throne is his eldest son Edward (Guy Pearce – Memento) but he is unreliable and has started an illicit affair with a married woman, something unbefitting of the King. Because of his personal situation he soon abdicates the throne to his brother Albert (Colin Firth – Love Actually).

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Defectiv3_Detectiv34107d ago

Anyone else slightly disappointed by this one? It didn't quite pack the punch I was expecting. I'd give it more like a 3.5 or so. I'm thinking the reason it won Best Pic was the fact it was the safest movie nominated. I'm not sure if we'll still be talking about this one a few years down the road.