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Entertainment Focus - Review: The Way Back

It’s the start of the Second World War and a group of soldiers and mercenaries find themselves imprisoned in a Siberian Gulag waiting for death under Stalin’s regime. Janusz (Tim Sturgess - 21) is a new addition to the camp and soon befriends Khabarov (Mark Strong – Sherlock Holmes) who has a grand plan to escape the camp and make a dash for freedom. So an eclectic group of men mount their escape and a bid for liberty that will involve a journey across the world’s harshest terrains in a staggering trek from Siberia to the Indian border of the Himalayas.

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The Way Back (2020) Review | CGM Backlot

Ben Affleck’s Jack Cunningham battles alcoholism while coaching a high school basketball team in The Way Back.

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The Way Back Review - WGTC

An epic tale of survival, The Way Back is a film audiences can applaud. Based on “real events“, this film follows a small band of escapees as they search for freedom, even if they have to cross 4,000 miles on foot to do it. In theatres now, The Way Back has something for everyone; breathtaking visuals, an inspirational story, and touching scenes of friendship and courage.

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Player Affinity: The Way Back Review

Player Affinity writes: "Director Peter Weir has tackled a variety of genres. Obscure yet brilliant films that might touch on societal issues (Picnic at Hanging Rock), comedies (Green Card), crime thrillers (Witness), and sweeping epics (Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World) are just a few of the different genres he’s taken under his wing in the past."

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