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Has Bane's Dark Knight Rises Origin Been Revealed?

CInemblend says:

With a batch of set photos from Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises finding their way online earlier today, I can't imagine it will be too long before Warner Bros. begins an initiative to shut down the leaks from the source. If the snapshots weren't enough, then this story should get something going.

"Official 'The Dark Knight Rises' community", the same Facebook group that launched the photos, has a new post up from group member Lester Fernandes that not only potentially reveals what they are filming in India, but a major plot point as well. According to the post, the chroma key pit that has been revealed isn't the Lazarus Pit after all, but rather a well that a "bald-headed child wearing ragged clothes" steps out of. Based on speculation, the post then offers up the possibility that the child is actually a young Bane who is "emerging from a vat of Venom," the steroid-like drug that gives the character an incredible, inhuman amount of strength. What's more, the Fernandes suggests that Bane has been trained by Ra's al Ghul, who will be played by Josh Pence in the flashback sequence.

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Crazay4110d ago

that's a pretty interesting take on the subject.

LtSkittles4109d ago

I thought it might've been Venom, or something to do with venom.

Quagmire4109d ago

You consider an oversized human being not supernatural compared to a pool which makes a person younger?

yeah... Im still sticking to the Lazarus theory.

Crazay4109d ago

Oversized superhumans are around us all the time every day sir - Look at the size of some of the wrestlers. I'm thinking the Lazarus Pit is a null and void subject. Venom(enhanced steroid) is the most logical take.

LtSkittles4109d ago

yeah, steriods, aren't supernatural.

alycakes4109d ago

I'm not sure what to think yet. I'm going to have to do some Batman research first. Maybe they're playing with our heads. They know eveyone is snooping around to get some kind of information on the movie. Maybe they're the decoys.

Crazay4109d ago

I've considered that to be a very real possibility myself. These could just be there to throw people off but who knows at this point.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34109d ago

*Sticks fingers in ears

la la la la la la la la la

alycakes4109d ago

What's wrong? Something bothering your ears?

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