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Skewed and Reviewed Look At Hottest Movies Of The Summer 2011 Movie Season on KISW FM Undead Radio

Gareth Von Kallenbach of Skewed and Reviewed looks at the summer movies of 2011 on Undead Radio on KISW FM. Gareth Talks about Thor, Green Lantern, Captain America, Cowboys and Aliens, The Hangover 2, X-Men First Class, Super 8, and much more.


Total Recall Ending Explained: Was it All Just a Dream?

Total Recall remains one of the most celebrated sci-fi movies of all time, but many are confused by the film's ending.


5 Best Feminist Sci-Fi Movies to Watch This International Women's Day 2024 | Leisurebyte

Take some time this Women's Day to watch the best feminist sci-fi movies that empower and represent women.

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Dune: Part Two Review – Fortress of Solitude

Denis Villeneuve completes cinema.

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