More Dark Knight Rises Set Photos

Coming soon says:

As filming continues in Jodhpur, India on Christopher Nolan's third Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, more photos have been snapped from around the set. Today's images arrive courtesy of Mehul Gohil at the Facebook fan page The Dark Knight Rises Community.

The below photos offer a better look at the alleged chroma-key "Lazarus Pit" revealed last week and also seem to confirm the presence of Josh Pence (who will be playing a young Ra's al Ghul) at the site of the production.

The final image is described as a "training arena" being utilized by the character.

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darklordzor4110d ago

I think the pic of Josh Pence is the most interesting to me. Before, they claimed that Bale would be the only real actor on the set in India, but that's the young Ra's al Ghul in the area. Maybe there is more credence to the Lazarus Pit theory than I thought.

Still, if the Pits are in the movie, I doubt they're going to be anything like they are in the comics.

Crazay4110d ago

who's Josh Pence? I'm not familiar with him or his casting announcement. Also, could someone explain to me what the Lazarus pit is?

darklordzor4110d ago

Yeah it was announced a while ago that he would be playing a young Ra's al Ghul in the form of flashbacks (

The Lazarus Pit can heal all wounds, make a person immortal by reversing the aging process, and even bring people back from the dead. Al Ghul uses it in the comics to live forever (essentially).

alycakes4109d ago

Josh Pence hasn't really done a lot yet. He was in the Social Network. He's also filming a movie called the Algerian and he's done a lot of TV spots like on CSI and Miami and NY....stuff like that. His face will probably look more familiar to you than his name.

Crazay4110d ago

Gotcha - not exactly along with how Nolan has been doing his flicks but plausible...unless it's to throw people off?

Crazay4109d ago

You're right - I remember now DLZ. The rumor I posted last night sounds like a plausible origin of Bane.

Megaton4109d ago

I dunno. I'm still not convinced it's a Lazarus Pit, but at least we got a decent pic. That first leak was awful.

Crazay4109d ago

ya it was pretty shit-tacular in quality but it was something. Now we have a better idea of the scope and size of this thing.

Nes_Daze4109d ago

okay...the same green pit..moving on.

Crazay4109d ago

that's not all you see in these pics. The actor set to play the young Ras Al Ghul is in the pics too.

Nes_Daze4109d ago

Ooh I see, thanks for the heads up..

Crazay4109d ago

No worries - I had no idea until the fine fella up top Dark Lord Zor told me so.