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TMP: 6 Things I Loved (And Hated) About Thor

TMP's Jordan takes a look at the recent comic book movie Thor. He discusses the things he both loved and hated in the latest film, featuring one of Marvel's Avengers.

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Etseix4114d ago

i thought he was going to put 6 good things and 6 bad things :S dam title,

anyways, the author is right, however, from the point of view of the public (who tends to know a little about the character) it was a very good movie.
For the ones that knows/reads THOR comics, he is also right i believe.
(Mostly with the part about Hawkeye, haha i didn't even noticed he was on the movie :p)

alycakes4113d ago

I just liked it. I guess they could have gone into the mythology a little more but then it probably would have been boring.