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For the First Time, We've Got the Extended Plot Details for Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem

Shock Til You Drop says:

Until now, only a few details have been released about Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem, his fifth feature film which will begin rolling soon. The plot has been relegated to a few sentences that teased a radio DJ, a cursed record and a bunch of witches terrorizing Salem, Massachusetts.

Well, we've landed - and pretty much had to re-type out - an extended synopsis you Zombie fans should enjoy. It gives you a taste of who the film's protagonists are. Read on!

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Crazay4108d ago

I've said it time and time again - I like Rob Zombies vision and execution on most of his work. This could be his coming out party in my opinion. Maybe people will actually take him more seriously as a film maker.

darklordzor4108d ago

I don't think they don't take him seriously now. Many people loved his first Halloween movie and have thought of him as a serious filmmaker since then (if not before).

Megaton4108d ago

I really liked House of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects. I even have a Captain Spaulding bobblehead sitting on my desk.

Crazay4108d ago

That's actually pretty awesome Megaton

Megaton4108d ago

It is pretty awesome. I got it a few years ago, really high quality (although still "made in China"). It's not one of those cheap plastic ones.

ShAkKa4108d ago

Oh i loved those movies,especially Devil's Rejects. Did not care much about Halloween though.

Megaton4108d ago

I never saw his Halloween, only 1,000 Corpses and Rejects.

-MD-4108d ago

I thought his Halloween was pretty good. I don't think I got around to finishing part 2 though.

Crazay4108d ago

I really liked the Halloween series he did - I liked the look at his past and the take he had on the source material.

-MD-4108d ago (Edited 4108d ago )

I bought The Devil's Rejects when it came out on dvd. I didn't care for House of 1,000 Corpses however.

Good memories though watching 'Corpses with my buddy.

ShAkKa4107d ago

I actually enjoyed 1,000 corpses more the second time I saw it, (after watching Devil's rejects).

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alycakes4108d ago

Halloween is's always been one of my favorits. We'll see about this one though.

Nes_Daze4107d ago

creepy picture, and Rob Zombie is a talented man.