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Aside From the Vampires, Lincoln Film Seeks Accuracy

NYT says:

Mary Todd Lincoln, in shimmering evening wear, calls to her husband. They are late. A gaunt, black-clad president strides to join her in a horse-drawn carriage bound for Ford’s Theater.

The rest is history. But not the usual kind.

Crazay4676d ago

Never read the book but I would kinda like to. Anything with ZOmbies is a must see/read for me..Afterall - May is Zombie Appreciation month.

darklordzor4675d ago

Ha! I'm still so tickled that this movie is getting made. Should be pretty fun at the least. To be honest I didn't know they'd started filming. Don't know how that slipped past!

Crazay4675d ago

LOL.... You said you were tickled. That's hilarious man.

I think this is going to be a really fun movie for sure.

alycakes4675d ago

What is the name of this movie? Sounds interesting and lots of fun but what is the official name to it?

Crazay4675d ago

Aly the movie is called Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter...My post above was accidental regarding another book similar to this one called Jane Eyre and Zombies.

alycakes4675d ago

Thanks this is a new one..I've not heard of this. Here we go again because if it has to do with vampires, I'm usually interested. I'm a big vampire movie fan but the story had to at least have a decent plot. Thanks,


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